Creative Writing: Statue Of Peast Essay

“Well, I see it happening,” she said laughingly, “That’s why I asked. ” Shauna shot her mother a warning glance that said back the hell out of my love life mom. The queen understood what her daughter was trying to say, so she shut her mouth quickly “Mom,” said Shauna, “Can you please just say Christophe’s prophecy? ” Her mother sat down on a stool, her eyes turned bright purple, and she spoke: Take the boy upon a high mountain in the east. Find the statue of Peast. Break the spell that has been cast. The boy will find true love at last. The queen’s eyes changed back to blue, and then she went back to her desk and started reading again. Come on let’s go,” said Shauna.

They grabbed two backpacks that were full of supplies, and then they ran out of the castle. “Grab a broom,” said Shauna, “Get on and put your full effort into believing that you can fly. ” Christophe did just that, and he began to hover above the ground. Shauna quickly grew large wings, and then she took off into the east, while Christophe followed close behind her on his broom. The wind brushed against their faces and their hair flowed nicely in the cool air. A few hours went by, Shauna slowed her speed, and then she dropped out of the air, picking up speed the more she fell.

Then she stopped, softly hitting a green, flower-filled hill, and she waited for Christophe to make it down. He landed on the hill roughly, skidding along the ground, and then he suddenly stopped, smacking his head against a large, smooth stone, knocking him out instantly. Blood splattered on the grass around his head while the grass grasped tightly onto his wound, completely healing him.

Christophe opened his eyes slightly, but the sunlight caused his eyes to sting, so he closed them. Shauna ran over to him, and she wrapped a bandanna around his head covering his eyes. Try to keep your eyes closed,” she said in a muffled tone, “The healing magic of the plants will cause you to go blind for a few hours. ” She helped him set up and lie against the stone, and then she fed him something. “That tastes like strawberries and chocolate,” said Christophe. Shauna smiled, laughed, and said, “Wow! I have never heard anyone put chocolate and strawberries together.

Christophe smiled, and squeezed his hands together, causing greens sparks to pop all around his hands, and then he opened his hands and they were full of chocolate covered strawberries. Try one,” he said, “I know you’ll love them. ” She tried one, and then another, and then another, and she just didn’t want to stop eating them. “They are so delicious,” said Shauna, “You are getting pretty good at using your powers. ” Christophe ate a few of the strawberries himself, and then he threw the rest away in the grass, and they dissolved into nothing. He snapped his fingers causing a fluffy pillow to appear, and then he stuck it behind his head and went to sleep. Shauna walked around the hill and talked to herself. “Was mom kidding about Christophe and I myself being together in the future.

I’m sure she was only joking because she does that to me a lot. But what did she mean about Christophe finally finding true love… well…. It’s probably just about his family. I guess should go wake him up so that we can finish his quest. ” She sighed and walked back to the rock, but, Christophe was gone. Shauna heard something behind her, so she swung around, and then a shadow flew by and she started to bleed.

When she lifted her shirt, there was a strange mark on her stomach. She turned back around and Christophe was lying back down against the rock, and Shauna was frightened. It’s time to wake up,” she said. “I now know what my mom meant by the spell that has to be broken. ” He woke up and took off the bandanna, opening his eyes, and adjusted to the sunlight. “Alright,” he said, “Get my broom and let’s go. ” Christophe flew into the air and Shauna flew up beside him, and they traveled faster and faster until they reached the mountain.

“How do we get to the top,” asked Christophe. “Touch the wall and believe,” said Shauna. He touched the wall, and it started to shake, and then a door opened up into a hallway that led to a staircase that led to the top. What is it with this world and staircases,” he said. Shauna looked at him and she shook her head as she said, “Let’s just get to the top, so that we can find the statue and break the spell. ” They ran down the hallway and walked all the way up the steep staircase, and to the top of the mountain. When they reached the top there wasn’t anything anywhere. “Where’s the statue” asked Christophe, “Wasn’t it supposed to be here. ”

Christophe sat down on the mountain, and he thought about it for a moment. “I’ve got it,” he said. He ran to the center of the mountain, and there lay a concrete stump that had an engraving on it. Hey,” said Shauna, “That looks like the cut on my stomach. ” Christophe grabbed Shauna and told her to stand on the stump, and when she did, she turned into a statue, but, it didn’t look like her. He freaked out because he was now on his own to break the spell, and he had to turn Shauna human again. He walked around and around the statue, until he had gotten dizzy, trying to figure out how to fix this. “Abracadabra,” he said, “Boom! Fixity Fix! Undo! Alakazam! Uh, nothing’s working! ” He kept trying to make up spells, and he said things magicians would say, but nothing worked.

He thought that he was putting full effort into it, and he even snapped, clapped, and danced hoping that it would work, until he remembered what Shauna said about the cut on her stomach. Christophe went through his backpack and found a knife, carved the mark into his hand, and then he touched the statue, vanishing the second he comes in contact with it. “Christophe,” called Shauna. “Where are you? ” He grabbed his pack and ran through the dark cavern that he appeared in, and as he ran he heard screams and growls all around him.

It was complete darkness, but suddenly he stopped, realizing the light that was at the end of the cavern, and he ran straight toward it. Once he reached the light, he saw Shauna stuck on top of a concrete stump, just like the one on the top of the mountain. “Oh, thank the mother of all that you’re here,” said Shauna, “I figured out everything, and I guess you did too. ” Christophe ran over to Shauna, and he gave her a big hug and then a kiss on her cheek, which caused her to blush and grin. “I remembered something,” he said, “My parents and grandparents wore that mark around their neck.

That mark has been my family crest for generations, and Peast is my really old great grandfather. ” Shauna looked down at her stomach, looking for a scar, but it wasn’t there, and then she looked behind her, seeing the shadow that had cut her. The shadow changed figure, now it was a he, and he was an old man, then Shauna looked at the statue and realized that it was him. “Thank you for setting me free,” said the man, “The curse is lifted goodbye. ” The man hugged his grandson, and then he blew into his hair, sending magical power throughout Christophe’s body.

Christophe fell to the ground, going straight to sleep, and the world went dark. When he awoke, they were back at the old willow tree, and Shauna stood over him, staring into his eyes. “Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey,” said Shauna. “It was a long ride home. ” Shauna gave Christophe a kiss on his cheek, he blushed bright red, and he kissed her back. Christophe stood up, grabbed Shauna’s hand, and then he said “I love you too. Come on let’s have some fun. ” They ran straight back into the willow tree and to the castle.