English Reflection Essay

The experience of completing this extended task was very intriguing and unique compared to the other activities we have completed throughout the year. I found it quite enjoyable to incorporate three unique and diverse characters from three unique and diverse pieces of literature into a meaningful composition of literature. The hardest part, in my opinion, was to come up with an original idea. Deciding which characters to select and how to make them interact was challenging and was not a smooth process.

Only after several failed scraps was | finally able to synthesize a plot that was logical and had rational elements. It was extremely frustrating to appear to have a good idea, only to have it fail when analyzing its logistics with greater depth. However, once I was finally able to decide on a plausible idea, planning and assembling the project was quite simple. I was able to insightfully write a letter and newspaper article with relative ease because of how open ended the project was and because of the plethora of options that we had at our disposal.

The project allowed me to clearly express my creativity and truly be able to enjoy writing literature with characters from some extremely popular books. Writing both parts of my narratives was fairly easy to do because the ideas I was discussing within my writing were based on the true personal characteristics of the people within the various works of literature. This made it easy to formulate personalities, dialogues, and actions that various characters may participate in.

In addition, writing two different and unique pieces for my narrative was also effortless because of the fact that my plot corresponded very well with the two types of narratives I chose to incorporate. I think that it is an excellent idea to allow students to be able to select their style of narrative and I hope that this will be continued for future English 9 classes. Overall, after a rough start, this final project was not only relatively simple to complete but also a very fun and exciting way to end off the school year while writing some amazing pieces of literature.

Throughout the entire school year, we have read a variety of literature; however, the most pleasing and absorbing text was Lord of the Flies by William Golding because of the action-filled plot line and the various components of a well-developed allegory. The book teaches us valuable life lessons about our own suppressed human nature through the microcosm of the island. This life lesson really opened my eyes about our true personalities, no matter how civilized we appear to be on the outside.

The fact that this book could contain such a horrifying yet true reality about life is what drew me to really understand the book and the heavy emotions of all the advanced characters. One of the most interesting activity that we completed also pertained to The Lord of the Flies and involved life on a stranded island. This activity really gave insight on how challenging life can become on an island and helped to foreshadow several events that would occur within the novel itself. The activity was the perfect transition to the piece of literature and the lack of it would have resulted in reduced comprehension of the novel.

Throughout English 9,1 believe that I have improved a great deal in comprehending, reading, and writing works of literature. As a reader, I have been introduced to new, complex genres of literature including playwrights written in old English from the 1500s to complicated allegories about various themes about life. Because of these experiences, I am better adapted to comprehend more complex texts and analyze them to their intended goal. Essentially, reading these onerous texts has allowed me to expand my vocabulary and allowed me to develop an understanding for sophisticated language techniques.

In addition, I have improved as a writer because I am now able to develop my thoughts more into a more cohesive and complete piece of work. My writing has become more clear and more to the point throughout English 9, as we have learned several grammar rules and ways to use different literary techniques to maximize comprehension and to make my writing have more depth and sophistication. Overall, English 9 was one of the most influential classes yet because of the plethora of knowledge that it brought to me and how this knowledge can apply to so many aspects of my educational career.

The class was very compelling and provided an impetus to improve my reading and writing skills for future years of my life. In future English classes, I insist that I will continue to improve on the comprehension and vocabulary skills that English 9 has taught me. I hope to further expand my analysis of texts and be able to convey my ideas in a clear and concise manner. I sincerely desire the rest of my English studies to be filled with knowledge and a wonderful education.