Essay about Movie Vs Movie Analysis

The answer to this is question is – “Hits” are about both. It dramatically depends on the time frame in which we talk about this question.

Conformity – In present context, a lot of books and movies that are being produced every year. Technology is growing, and major video-streaming houses, e-book sellers budding up. There is huge range of choices for a customer to select from. One can find any book in Amazon or eBay etc., similar is the case with movies. It doesn’t cost much to an e-book seller to produce a copy of the book ordered. Video streaming companies can stream the rarest of the movies which is liked by only few people.
In such circumstances, if a movie or a book is a hit, it more because of conformity. We live in a society…

More often than not the customer has to settle for what is available. As mentioned by Chris Anderson, “The other constraint of physical world is physics itself.” For example, there is only certain number of radio and TV channels that can be available. The distribution of movies and books from different part of the world don’t make it to all its prospective viewers and readers. For example, Bollywood produces almost 800 movies a year but the only few make it to the US. Internet has broaden the scope of this whole supply chain. Today, one can get a movie from Netflix, no matter what location he/she is in. By 2009, Netflix was offering a collection of 100,000 titles on DVD. [1] The companies like Netflix can store a single copy in their archive and they can serve their customers the world over. Technology and internet growth has made it possible to find the product of our choice from around the world. Information technology has enabled the content producers to produce quality content at very low prices and distribute it globally. In a nutshell, the barriers of scarcity of channel has been alleviated with growth in…

The tech team management would come under the canopy of the operator aspect of the CIO.
As a technologist, the CIO looks forward to the technological upgrades that can keep the company ahead of its competitors. (S)He also needs to ensure that the customers get good quality of videos streamed and better suggestions. Faster streaming and better high definition videos are a prime concern. Maintain or improve on the videos with less data consumption but still high quality.
As the strategist, the CIO has the responsibility to look for different business models that the company may profit from. The CIO is looking into the huge amount of data and trend shifts. The data analysis can help the company to gain insight into the future market.
As catalyst, the CIO needs to be able to make the team and the board to look for a new innovative ideas that the company can reap benefit from. Newer idea like app TV that can stream movies and series on the mobile and tablets directly can be a game winner. The CIO can help/suggest the board take decisions in content creation that are likely to be successful as…