Holism Case Study Research Paper

Holism is very interesting concept which is very old concept, and System dynamic is always referred to a holistic approach. To understand the dynamic behavior of a system thinking holism is implemented. Holism provides a method to check and understand the object as a whole, and we can follow holistic approach to understand the behavior of system dynamic and existing methods of problem solving. I found holistic approach support from number of sources across many disciplines, some of them are as follows few of them are from the cultural domain (Hofstede et al, 1993) which describes holistic approach for using metaphor of a number of blind men studies ( Robertps et al, 2002). If we use holistic approach for any case studies they are called…

The best way is to run through the material for each individual question in certain scenarios. Holism or Holistic approach helps to understand the objects in terms of pictures. It also helps in parallel viewing the objects in reality (Verscherun, 2001). The research strategy adopted with holistic approach uses the qualitative comparison instead of qualification. It supports in casual interference and promotes theory building. The better approach for holistic strategy is available in an iterative parallel strategy which is very useful and helps in research.
The role of Holism in system dynamics:
System dynamics is a type of tool which will describe the behavior of system overtime on its own. They took simple bath tub and in our paper presentation there is MSISIT program example to explain it but I want to implement it with my idea so I would like to implement waterfalls. Here the water falls from mountain falls down to the lake.
FLOW OF WATER/incoming flow out going…

The challenge is to find the entry points from where to address the particulars of the system. Once one knows the parts, the dynamics of the whole can be derived and considered. Generally scientist have been successful in applying this method that instead of reverting back to see how their discoveries fit in with totality, to dig deeper and continued their research continuously narrowing the focus on it.

Holism vs. Reductionism:
Holism is an alternate approach for system thinking, it is not only identify the parts but also helps in understanding the evolution of new things from the things. So that holism is referred as better approach compared to reductionism for system thinking.
Both are used and implemented to identify the working conditions and helps in understanding the nature of the system and helps n improving the systems thinking.
System thinking is used in sociology, physiology, biology and etc. it depends on thinking of a person for every field of study and process technology and analysis (Jackson, 2003)
Holism vs. Reductionism: comparing the fundamentals of conventional and alternative medical…