Personal Narrative Essay On Mars

So there I was, in Creative Writing, working on my project, when suddenly my name was announced on the intercom above my head, “Fiona Bailey, please come to the front office, Fiona Bailey. ” I became surprised for a moment, then I stood up, left my classroom, and started speed walking through the halls towards the office. As I walked through the office doors and asked the front office what they needed me for, I noticed something.

There were a bunch of people there that I didn’t recognize, and a woman with sparkling brown eyes and a blue dress said to me, ‘You have just been chosen to go to Mars, and you leave in four days. 1 froze, my mouth went dry, and all I could say was, “What?! ” The woman smiled and repeated what she just said. Then after a few moments I asked,”How was| chosen to go, and why? ” Clearing her throat, she explained that all the students in Texas who had excellent grades got their name put in a drawing to go to Mars. Going silent for a few seconds, I took it all in. Everything after that was a blur. Once home, I explained to my family what happened, I got packed, and then I said my goodbyes. Some people picked me up in a white van and drove me to NASA.

As we walked through the giant rooms, I noticed scientists in every corner. When we got to the spaceship, I couldn’t believe my eyes, an actual, real-life spaceship that I was going on! Over the next two days I got prepared to go, got a spacesuit, tasted space food, and met the two astronauts that were going to come with me, Sara and Jake. The rocket will now take off in ten minutes. I start to become very excited! “3, 2, 1, blast off! ” Going as fast as I have ever gone, I feel as if my face is going to fall off and my stomach will explode! Now we are in space! The Earth is getting farther and arther away and since there is no gravity I am floating around in the ship. Sara and Jake tell me that it will take about nine months to get there, time to find something fun to do… Nine months later… We are about to land now! I’m about to burst with excitement! I can’t say that the trip was as fun as I hoped, though, all I did was wander the spaceship, eat the same food everyday, and talk to the others on the ship. Well, time to start my 1st day on Mars! While we land, I run to get in my soft, orange seat, and I buckle into my complicated seat belt while we land. “Thud” We have landed!!!

I unbuckle, my legs jumping up and down with excitement, then I run over to my spacesuit and pull it on, fumbling with the helmet. The others are staying on the ship for now, since this trip is meant for me. I walk out the door onto Mars’s soft brownish-red ground, I feel lighter than usual because of Mars’s different gravitational pull. Since it’s my first day, all I do is check the equipment on the ship. It was a bit boring. Today it’s second day on Mars. Sara and Jake told me that I could explore today. I put my spacesuit back on and walk outside. I look around, wondering where I should go.

I see some tall rocks close by and decide to explore over there. I slowly make my way toward them, not wanting to trip over the little jagged rocks in my path. About an hour later I have finally reached the unnatural looking rocks. I begin to reach out and touch them. They look a little different than the other rocks here. The rocks are smoother, more reddish, and harder. Becoming curious, I look at more of these rocks, when suddenly I notice something, a door! I try to force it open, but it won’t budge, so I look around for something hard enough to push it open with.

When all of the sudden one of my fellow astronauts call me on my helmet! So surprised, I jumped and tripped over a rock. Although something clicked, I didn’t hear it since I was too busy listening at what one of the astronauts was saying, “Where are you?! ” he said, “It’s almost night and it will get very cold soon! ” Suddenly, I realized it was getting colder, so I hurried back to the ship. Yesterday, Sara and Jake were very angry with me for almost being outside during night time. So today, my third day, I get to sit inside the ship doing nothing. Fun (not really)…

Well, today Sara and Jake let me go and explore again, but if I wasn’t back till dark, I wouldn’t be able to leave the ship for three days (if I hadn’t frozen to death already). I start making my way towards the rocks from two days ago, let’s hope day four (today) will be more interesting. I locate the door again and try opening it again, this time it works though! Then I remember back to day 2, when I fell over something clicked. That must have been what opened the door! I peeked inside (through the door). There were chairs, other doors, and some unusual looking food that I decided not to touch.

I began to explore the whole house, and some of the other houses around it. There was nothing very interesting because all of the houses had the exact same items in them. I was just about to look through the other houses, when I realized that it was becoming dark. So | rushed back to the ship, and fell right asleep. It’s day 5, and I decide to go back to the rock houses. I slowly began to wonder why there are houses here with no people living in them, and suddenly I feel as if someone is watching me. I immediately whirl around, but no one is there. As my heart begins to pound, I start to run away from the houses.

I quickly turn around while I’m running and see a silver blur following me! I slowly blink. It has disappeared. Frozen in terror, I hold back a scream. I slowly start to walk away, thinking I had hallucinated the silver creature. I shivered just thinking about it. I start to calm myself, when out of nowhere the silver thing appears and shoves me into a nearby crater! Screaming as I fall, “Ahhhh! ” I land on my back, thankfully unhurt. Trembling with fear, I hurriedly call Sara and Jake. No one answers. I attempt to call them again, and on the ninth call, they answer.

I almost scream at them to come and help me out. They make an effort to calm me down, and explain that they are coming soon. Well, it’s my 6th day on Mars, and I am laying in bed, refusing to go outside onto the treacherous planet. Sara and Jake had saved me yesterday by throwing a rope down into the deep crater, and pulling me out. I decided to stay on the ship now, until we leave Mars. Well, today is my last day on Mars and I am not going to miss it! I try to help Sara and Jake get the ship ready to leave. I turn around and take one last look at Mars before we leave, still wondering about the silver creature.

We just took off, and we are now in space. I suddenly feel very homesick as I look off into the billions of sparkling stars, deep in my thoughts. 9 months later…. We just landed! The landing was a bit rough, but I’m home! Spotting my family, I run over to them. Almost everyone is now treating me like a celebrity, and asking how my trip to Mars was like. So here Tam now, my story finished, back in school and my life back to normal. “Fiona Bailey, please come to the front office, Fiona Bailey. ” As I sigh, I wonder what was needed for now.