Persuasive Speech On Lgbt Rights Essay

The issue of LGBT rights has always been an issue since the beginning of time. Since society sees members from the LGBT community as different and not normal, they are constantly discriminated against. America is supposed to be a country of freedom, but it seems as though whenever we discover something that we don’t like we figure out a way to try and make it disappear. However, I believe it is wrong to discriminate against the LGBT community. In the Constitution it states all men have equal rights, and I believe that should include everyone not just certain people.

To discriminate on someone because of their sexual preference should become an illegal thing to do in the United States as stated by ACLU. America has been through multiple stages of discrimination, but it seems we can’t get past the fact that there will always be someone who is different from others. I understand that people are not very accepting to change, but there comes a time where you need to suck up your feelings and move on. It is the twenty first century, and we should be way past the stages of discriminating against people.

Our lesson should have been learned when it was the fifties and sixties, and we were fighting for the rights of the African Americans and as well as women. How is it possible that we go from claiming we are a free country and treat everyone equal to cutting off the rights of others? That is not right and it contradicts who we are as a country. It is not right and we know that, but we continue to snatch people’s rights away from them. I believe that the major contributor to this discrimination is when the Supreme Court decided to legalize same-sex marriage.

On June 26, 201, the Supreme Court ruled on the decision that the US Constitution guarantee the right of same-sex marriage. This one ruling is what changed America forever. As you can expect many people were excited for the ruling because finally a decision had been made that helped out the LGBT community. However, there were also many states that were displeased with the Supreme Court’s ruling. The one state I am particularly paying attention to is my own state, Texas. Ever since the ruling has been made Texas has been doing everything in its power to make sure that they won’t have to give out marriage license to same-sex couples.

In the article “Texas Says ‘No Thanks’ to LGBT Discrimination,” UCLA member Eunice Hyon Min Rho discusses the actions taken by Texas to discriminate against gay and transgender Texans. She also addresses how Texas plans to use religion and any other means to discriminate against the LGBT community. Texas had created multiple bills that would guarantee that the LGBT members had no rights in the state of Texas. However, since many citizens, business owners, and faith leaders stepped up saying that the bills were wrong, they failed to pass. Its situations like this that give America a bad name.

Its people like who this who purposely try to discriminate against LGBT citizens that give them a bad name. I understand that states are angry that the Supreme Court made the decision for all states to legalize same-sex marriage, but it needed to be done. The people in the Supreme Court understood that it was time for a change. They understood that America could no longer try and hold back the rights of same-sex couples to marriage. They also understood that if America wanted to keep going by what they state they are it was time to make the decision.

The Supreme Court saw that it was discriminating against people and made the decision to change the law. They did their job, and that was helping the people and making sure they are satisfied. For the states who try and go against the Supreme Court’s ruling, they are not helping the citizens of their state. They aren’t treating everyone equal like they are supposed to. A government’s job is to provide satisfaction to the people by creating laws to help them, but states like Texas failed to do that. I truly believe that it is time for them to move on.

The decision is final and won’t be changing anytime soon. Their arguments of it goes against their religions is no longer relevant and truthfully never was. America was never a church and government type of country. We learned that lesson from England. If any states have a problem with the ruling well hey will just have to deal with it. It’s now a legal law that all states have to give out marriage licenses to same-sex couples. It is illegal for them to try and not give people who are same-sex couple’s licenses, so they need to stop.

In conclusion, I believe that discriminating against any member of the LGBT community is wrong. In America we are supposed to treat all people equally no matter what race, culture, religion, or sexual preference they have. Who a person is, what they believe in, or who they like doesn’t make it right to discriminate against them, and the people in America who believe it does needs to stop doing it. It will always be wrong to discriminate against others and until everyone can understand that there will never be peace on Earth.