Persuasive Speech On Rape Is Wrong Essay

Are you a white male from a good family? If so then you could potentially get away with raping someone. Rape is too common now and white privileged men seem to be able to get away with it. However to some rape is just another miniature crime, but to myself and others it is so much more as people’s lives are being ruined by these gruesome acts. Recently an atrocious young boy who is not worthy of being called a man named Brock Turner made the headlines. He is one of the many white young men who got lucky. I believe he was not give a fair trial after sexually assaulting a young woman who was vulnerable and unconscious.

Turner raped her behind a dumpster after an intoxicated fraternity party and was caught during the act. However he unfortunately did not get what he deserved. In a court trial he was told he firstly would be sentenced twelve years in prison for his crime then it was cut down to four years, then six months and then finally three months. This is completely unfair as three months is nothing compared to what he did to that helpless girl. Personally because of his appalling actions I do think that he deserves life in prison.

Turner was actually only given 3 months in jail which was reduced because of his “good behaviour” which is ridiculous as you are of course going to be good when you are behind bars, but that should never overshadow what you have done out of that cell. Turner has recently finished this time in prison and has got out incredibly early because of his skin colour and his social class as he could afford expensive lawyers which would help him out of his crime which is horrendous and it goes to show that’s rape trials are unfair and overall ridiculous in modern-day as anyone can get help where it is not deserved.

This shows that Turner among many other young white men have potentially ruined another human’s life forever and even their trust in others. But guess what? This apparently does not matter as Turner is after all a very “important” person as he is a Stanford champion swimmer and being held in prison could corrupt his talent and have a bad effect on him. Turner also supposedly does not deserve that amount of time in prison (twelve years) as his own father says so.

His father backed his disgusting actions up stating that it was only ‘twenty minutes of action’ which is a truly revolting argument and shows that his father has no respect for this poor girl either. It must run in the family… Another young monster who got far too lucky is David Becker who was a school sports star with football, basketball and more at his Highschool (East Longmeadow Highschool. ) David Becker admitted he had indecently assaulted not just one but two 18-year-old girls at a party in Massachusetts.

After found guilty he had been sentenced to a two-year probation even though the district attorney asked for him to be imprisoned for two years instead. If he follows his conditions and does not touch any alcohol, drugs and does not have any form of communication with his two victims he will NOT be registered as a sex offender and all the charges for his assault will be dismissed. Becker will then be able to move on easily and begin college in the fall.

This is absurd as he does not deserve the easy consequences he is receiving and because of this easy way out he most likely will never learn from it. It is believed that his trial was very unfair and many people think he does deserve so much more. Becker will always be a sex offender even if he is not registered as one as he in the end did commit the dreadful act and potentially ruined the lives of two others. Becker’s case conveys to us clearly that yet again being a white male with a good amount of wealth he can get away with nearly anything and rape trials are unquestionably unfair.

However, as said before rape trials today are extremely unfair due to skin colour, social class and more as if a black man raped someone he would get the short end of the stick and be punished far more than a white male like Brock Turner and David Becker which is unfair as they all have obviously earner equal punishments with their cruel acts. This has happened before many times throughout history Corey Batey being one of the black men that did pretty much the same act as Turner as he raped an unconscious girl and instead has ended up with fifteen years of imprisonment.

I and so do many others believe that he only got this instead of Turner also because of the colour of his skin which again makes this certain rape trial unfair. Batey is very similar to Turner so it doesn’t make sense for them to get completely different punishments as both boys come from very good colleges/universities (Stanford and Vanderbilt), both were succesful sport stars and have a good amount of wealth in their families, they both raped an unconscious and vulnerable girl but only Batey came out with the bad result which is of course very odd and unfair.

This proves that the only cause left is the colour of his skin which is unfair as Turner definitely did deserve the same no matter what. This is evidence that rape trials are severely affected by the race and the social class of the culprit which is beyond biased. Judges also today are hugely verbal in horrible way to rape victims as they have actually accused the victim of making themselves a target that cannot be missed in a way.

They seem to be blaming the rape on the victim instead of the person who actually committed the crime which is shocking. Robin Camp is one of these judges who I did hear about on a video on CNN who did deal with a rape case and was obviously not respectful enough to deal with it properly as he said to the victim “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together? ” which is just outrageous and extremely unprofessional. It is also hugely offensive as she was forced if it was rape so she had no choice so it was no way near her fault.

Camp then proceeded stupidly after saying this with more offensive comments which conveys to us that today in courts we can not even be sure about trusting the Judge as they could e unfair in rape trials also not only tot he culprit by not giving them a sentence that goes along with their crime but also to the victim of this crime. The victims innocence being taken away from them or even being scarred for life because of rape is now being justified by people they did not mean to commit the crime as ‘it was the alcohol’ or ‘it was the drugs’ etc.

It really should not be that way and rape should never be able to be justified by another’s foolish actions. Dont smoke anything? Dont drink anything? If you can not handle the substance then just don’t touch it. Your actions should not end up ruining the lives of innocent people. Recently a lot of young men use alcohol and drugs as an excuse for raping someone which is absolutely sickening and judges, lawyers and even their family members are accepting these excuses and letting them off easy with the help of their skin colour and social class.

This shows that rape trials are unfair as they are just giving the culprits the benefit of the doubt. In conclusion I believe that rape trials are absolutely unfair in so many ways. Too many people who are white and privileged are getting away with doing such horrendous acts to vulnerable and innocent people. To me and im sure many others rapists certainly to deserve much, much more than probation or just being set free again after a few months when they have ruined others lives as long as they will live just because they are white and privileged which is most definitely not fair!