Pros And Cons Of Wind Energy And Tidal Energy Essay

In the world we live in today we face many environmental problems that are hazarders to humans. One of the largest problems is the fear of global warming weather you believe it or you don’t there is a change in the plant that could have extreme negative effects on the whole plant. Many scientist believe away to combat this is to switch to renewable energy resource. A renewable energy resource is defined as “energy that comes from resources which natural replenished on a human time scale such as wind, rain tides, waves and others “(Dictionary. com) the most promising of these are wind, solar and tidal energy.

Wind, solar and tidal energy each cater to an environment. Wind energy is best at coastal areas and in the plains were strong winds funnel through the mountain rages and push into the plains. “If there were a lot of the wind and storms, for example”. (Huxley) Wind energy is very promising “although wind energy only currently provides only slightly more than 1 percent of the U. S. that number is rising rapidly”(Mother Earth News) a government report shows that we could get to 20 percent by the year 2030.

The highest producing state in is Texas that can produce 8,361 megawatts per year. ind energy is very cost effective it is one of the lowest cost renewable energy sources Tidal energy is one of the newest energy sources being used. Tidal energy uses under water or floating turbines to harness the power of tides and waves moving in and out through the turbines. Tidal energy is much like dams but tidal energy doesn’t leave Large as of an effect of on the environment as dams because dams hold back water leaving the eco system below the dam suffering from a lack of water. Sihwa lake tidal Power station is the world’s largest tidal power plant it can produce up to 254 megawatts.

Tidal energy will soon be the largest renewable energy source in the United Kingdom producing 20 percent of energy in the country. Tidal energy is a very high efficacy plant that is very reliable. It can protect against local storm surges acting as a barrier. ” but Bernard switches it off again. He likes looking at the ocean because it reminds him that he is more than “just a cell in a social body”. (Huxley) Solar energy is one of the most widely used energy resources throughout the world solar energy is the most promising renewable energy resources.

It is widely available and easy for any one to use it is practical for individual use to power a single home or for a company facility such as bright sources solar facility in the Mojave Desert California. The facility can produce up to 377 megawatt. It uses three towers with mirrors surrounded by solar panels to reflect the light on to the solar panels to harness the suns energy. The benefits of solar much more out weigh the negatives solar can save billions of trillions of dollars for nations.

The reliability of solar energy is great rising and setting of the sun is consistent while cloudy days are less predictable there are more than enough sunny days to power homes. “She turns on the radio, which sings about blue skies and happiness” (Huxley) Many people are begging to see the benefits of renewable energy. “Residential energy use in the united states will increase by 25 percent” (national geographic) scientist predicts that natural gas will end and when it does there option such as nuclear but has many negative effects.

In the future there is only one clear option and it renewable energy. New investments in renewable energy has Rosen to 50 billion dollars, it will be the fastest growing power source by the year 2040. After japans natural disaster in 2011 wiped out there nuclear power plants they had to create a new way to gain energy they did this so by creating an offshore solar plant that would power 22 thousand homes. Shimizu Corporation presented plans to build an offshore power plant that could generate 13,000 megawatts witch would be three times what the U.

S currently produces. Renewable energy can greatly benefit the planet we live on. It can greatly reduce green house gases that other power sources release. Many cities have smog a large example of that is china that uses coal power plants that have a terrible effect on the environment and people also. Many other energy sources pollute water and soil that damages they way we live our lives. There are plenty of ways to gain energy through effective efficient ways with out causing damage to the planet.

Renewable energy resources release very close to zero global warming emissions which creates much better public health using renewable energy by eliminating pollution from other non renewable sources. While using renewable energy you have unlimited supply of energy collectively the United States creates up to 482,247 billion kilowatts of electricity annually. Renewable energy creates many new jobs and other economical benefits in 2011 the wind energy directly employed 75,000 full time employees and more 500 companies manufacture parts wind turbines and it only continues to grow as wind energy develops.

Solar energy employed more than 100,000 employees and hydro or tidal power created 250,000 jobs. Companies involved in renewable energy create positive effects on economies in countries. Using clean energy is much more reliable than other sources that are used because solar wind energy is widely spread and does not just supply electricity to one area. For example if a hurricane knocked out a fossil fuel plant many people would be with out power until it came back on but if solar plant goes down a town can rely on a near by wind or solar plant for energy. Renewable energy sources are the way of the future.