Summary: A Career As A Counseling Psychologist Research Paper

Once upon a time their was a girl named Sarah she had a very complicated life. She went to numerous alleviator but, she was not going to communicate with another alleviator. When she was five years old she was adopted from Russia. She was always infuriated although, she did not fully comprehend why she was vexed. She went through many foster homes although, she was aggravated with all of them. Even though her parents idolized her so much they refused to give up on her. Sara could not comprehend that because, why would her parents put her in a hospital and would not let her go home?

Her life has been impenetrable and she knew no one would understand what she went through. She knew that people cared about her but, she did not care at the time. So after a while she gave up and did not care what had happened to her. She did not care if she died or lived. She thought that if she killed herself maybe all the problems at home would go away. It took her four years to get help with all the problems she has had and she wished she did not wait so long to get her treatment done. “ One of the perks of being a Psychologist is access to the tools that allow you to carry out the injunction to know thyself”.

The career of a Counseling Psychologist is important to me because, I want to abet other people. The research will describe the career of a Counseling Psychologist, what is required to become a successful Counseling Psychologist, and the impact that career has on society. The duties of this career is helping people with their traumatizing and emotional problems when they do not have anyone to talk to. Psychologist must help emotionally upset, anxious, or struggling with conflict with themselves in addition with other people. Psychologist have to understand the aspect to solve problems, make decisions, and cope with everyday stress.

However they are trying to work on preventing mental health. The specific duties of me becoming being a Counseling Psychologist is undertaking assessments, including assessments of mental health needs, risks assessments, psychometric testing and formulating a psychological explanation of the clients issues. The specific duties I know I have to do to become an extraordinary Counseling Psychologist is planning and implementing therapy for the fantastic clients that I will have. However evaluating the outcome of therapy are a primary importance in this career field .

The specific duties of myself becoming a professional and extraordinary Counseling Psychologist is by establishing a synergistic working relationship with a traumatized client based on trust and respect but, even so writing reports and recordkeeping are other arrangements I will have to accomplish my career choice. The Counseling Psychologist is management, audit and development of services and organizations also, training and supervision of other psychologists in addition to another specific duty I will have to do is multidisciplinary team working. Also continuing personal and professional development.

Another specific duty is understanding research, either individually or as part of a team. Counseling Psychologist can make their own schedules and work hours. However their work hours are fantastic because, they definitely do not need to work. The qualifications of workers in this field can be both women and men. It doesn’t matter what the gender is. Their is no age limit for becoming a Counseling Psychologist. All I have to do is go to college and get a masters degree. When I become a Counseling Psychologist I will have to have a great personality.

I will have to get your clients to trust me and also respect me as well. When I become a Counseling Psychologist I will have to have great analytical skills. I must be able to examine the information I collect and draw logical conclusions for them. When I become a Counseling Psychologist I will have to have great observational skills. I will have to study attitude and behavior. I have to be able to watch people and understand the possible meanings of people’s facial expressions, body positions, actions and interactions with others. When I become a Counseling Psychologist I will have to have amazing communication skills.

I must have great communication skills because they spend much of their time listening to and speaking with patients. The first time I become a Counseling Psychologist I must need a lot of patients or my spectacular career will go down the drain. I must identify what the patient’s problems are and demonstrate patience because, research treatment for patients may take a long time. I understand I must definitely be patient when dealing with people with mental and behavioral disorders. When I become a Counseling Psychologist I have to have great people skills because, if I do not, they will think that I really do not care.

I will be studying people behavioral reactions to things that make them remember about their traumatizing experience . My professional career allows me to work well with clients, patients, and other medical professionals. Psychologist must have perfect problem-solving skills and if they do not they will get extremely hurt if a patient attacks them. Having a great need for problem-solving skills will definitely help everyone find treatment solutions for mental and behavioral problems. Psychologists need to have great, trustworthy skills because if they do not their is nothing that you can do about it .

I understand that I will especially have to keep patients confidence, and patients to be able to trust them in treating sensitive problems. My education plan is to finish high school and also go to college to become a counseling psychologist. Also taking classes that like Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and all my math classes. The school I want to go to is Columbia University in New York. The cost of going to this college is $59,682. 00. The undergraduate population is 6,068. And the acceptance rate is 7. 4%. The average ACT score is 30. The average GPA is 3. to get into Columbia University.

The female percentage is 51%. The Caucasian females have an average of 11%. East Asian females have an average of 18%. The Hispanic females have an average of 11%. South Asian females have an average of 11%. African American females have an average of 6%. And the male have a 49% average in the school. The average amount of people who want to go to Columbia University is 31,851 people. The average amount of people admitted are 2,362. The acceptance rate to get into Columbia is 7. 4%. The yield rate is 59. 9%. The application fee to sign up is $85. 00.

The tuition fee is $48,138. 00and, the room and board fee is $396. 00. The top majors that Columbia has are Pre Medicine, Pre Medical Studies, Political Science and Government General. They have a lot of majors and here are all of them Biology, Biological Science, Business Administration/ Management. The most popular degrees at this school are law (LLB. ,J. D), Social workers, Public Administration, Public Health, general (MPH, DPH), and also Journalism. Some of the studies at Columbia are Biochemistry, Classical Studies, Sociology, Statistics, System Biology, Anthropology, Biological Science.

They also have Biophysics, Chemical Physics, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Development Psychology, Health and Behavior Studies. There are a few more and they are Human Development, Medical Doctor, School Psychology, Social Worker, Pathology, and Cell Biology. There is one more school I want to go to and that is Princeton University, New Jersey. The cost of this school is $40,170. 00. The undergraduate population is 5,336. And the acceptance rate is 7. 8%. The undergraduate students average for women are 2,632 (48. 8%). The average undergraduate for males are 2,759 (51. %).

The graduate students together have a population of 2,697. To get into Princeton University is very difficult. The overall admission rate is 7% of 26,641 applicants were admitted. The cost of attending Princeton is $61,850. 00. The cost of the tuition and fees is $43,450. 00. The room and board costs $14,160. 00. Some of the majors are Anthropology, Architecture, Psychology, Physics, Sociology, Chemistry, History, Molecular Biology, Political Science, Public Policy Analysis, Art History, Criticism and Conversation, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Ecology and Mathematics.

The most popular degrees at Princeton University are Social Science, Engineering and Biological/ Life Science. The master’s programs are Public Policy, Public Affairs, Chemical Engineering, and Chemistry. The doctoral degree offered at Princeton University is doctor of Philosophy. The doctoral degree studies are Psychology, Physics Political Science, Anthropology and also Astronomy. I would still love to have this extraordinary opportunity to have this career because I want to help other people. My reason for saying this because I like to challenge myself also, I want to go to college to accomplish this career.

Their will be a lot of hard work but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. I also want this career is because, I do not want people to go through the same things that Sara went through. I want to help as many people as I can in this career. My parents think that I will become a great Counseling Psychologist and I believe them. I still want to be a Counseling Psychologist from all this research that I have done. This research project has taught me that I will have to do a lot of work but, I love a challenge.