Superhero Wars Essay

Some people think that peace is something that can never be achieved because of the destructive nature of humans, and in a way they are right. However, that is not always the case when superheroes are included. Peace can be thought of as being the time where there is no destruction or violence occurring. The problem with keeping peace is that humans are amazing at creating both destruction and violence through wars or fighting. It is no wonder so many people believe peace is unattainable.

Although, peace may seem hopeless to some, superheroes always manage to provide peace. Superheroes have paved a way for peace through their use of bravery, justice, love, and intelligence. Typically, superheroes are forced to perform fearless acts of bravery in order to achieve peace for the world. The superhero, Panam, is a great example of why bravery serves as such a crucial component for keeping the peace because he displays courage every time he performs his duty as a superhero.

Superheroes display good examples of how courage can get things done. Since most of the problems that humans have created are full of evil and require the use of force, Panam has to risk his life whenever he is on duty no matter what. Superheroes like Panam consistently place their life on the line and in return, people praise them for what they do. Although it may sound like an easy job to a superhero like Panam who has super strength, superheroes are not invincible.

Thus, they are still able to die just like any other human, yet superheroes continue to fight crime and look evil in the face on a daily accord. That is why superheroes are the bravest and the best when it comes to keeping peace in the world. Because of the courage a superhero has, they are able to serve justice. Peace is only attainable if justice is served so that people may be protected from the evil doers who cause the violence and terror in the first place. Panam has learned over the years that villains do have their own sense of justice.

During his experiences, Panam learned how people can have different opinions about what is just because of the way they were raised, the people who influenced them, and their personal reasons. Thus, superheroes like Panam can conclude that justice is a weapon that their enemies can utilize in order to influence others whom now share their beliefs. For example, a villain can easily teach an ignorant person false ideals and practices so that the villain can use that person as a tool to further the villain’s actions.

So, justice can be thought of as a double edged sword because while superheroes can use their sense of justice to pro guidelines that good people may go by in order to make the world peaceful, villains can also use their sense of justice to provide guidelines that bad people can go and in return, destroy peace and bring disturbance. But in order to keep peace, superheroes have to take down these villains and bring them to justice for the prevention of the spread of evil ideals among innocent people.

It takes a lot of courage to tell people that what they are doing is wrong and superheroes have the guts to do it which is why they provide such a great help to humanity’s peace. So, it is clear that the job of keeping evil in line is tough, yet superheroes do their work with passion because of their desire for a world where people can come together and love the world so peace can no longer be questioned. Superheroes care for the world so much that they risk their life bringing villains to justice so that their final goal, peace, can be met.

By serving justice, a superhero has learned how to love and care for the peace of the world. Superheroes witness a lot of things when they are out on duty. They get to see how amazing and caring the world can be and how miserable and bad it can be. To a superhero, villains are the enemy because they bring hatred to the world through their acts of evil. Thus, superheroes strive to rid the world of the hatred that villains bring through justice because of their love for peace. During times of peace, people get along and everyone is happy with no worries and stress over what bad people might do next.

Scenes like that keep superheroes like Panam working hard for peace because they know that it is possible. Whenever another villain is brought to justice, a superhero feels guilty because they know that every person was born innocent, but it was the evil clutches of hatred that the innocent person got ensnared in. There are nice and kind people in the world too. The idea that evil can be prevented through a superhero’s actions so that a person may turn out to be good instead of bad, teaches a superhero to care and love the world for peace because during times of peace, the good reins over evil and the production of bad people is lessened.

A superhero’s experiences of being courageous, serving justice, and showing love to the world have allowed him to gain intelligence to further pacify the world. When superheroes are working to bring evildoers to justice, they experience many events where they learn about ways peace can be brought to the world. For example, Panam once learned of how kindness can make any person good because of a baker’s family he once met for the purpose of gathering intelligence on his enemy.

While he was there, the baker told Panam about how mean his son used to be when his son was younger, after his mother had died. He used kindness and love to make his son a better person. This taught Panam an important lesson about matter how evil a person may seem, they can always be shown love and kindness so that they may return to the right path. Because of that experience, whenever Panam takes down a villain, he talks nicely to the person and shows them care so that maybe one day Panam’s nice words changes that person.

Superheroes continuously learn more and more as they gain experience and they utilize their new knowledge so that they may bring peace to the world more efficiently through a variety of different ways. So, as a superhero ages, they grow wiser and peace becomes easier to obtain because of their knowledge. This allows times of peace to last longer and more efficiently but even then, superheroes do not let down their guard for they know that peace cannot last but only be sustained for a matter of time.

In conclusion, peace is obtained through the help of superheroes. With the utilization of their bravery, superheroes are able to confront villains and evildoers in order to bring about peace by eliminating the causes of disruption and violence at their roots. If superheros could not bring themselves to fighting against the bad people, they would not provide a great example for the regular humans who follow in their footsteps and the destruction of peace would prevail.

Without the courage and bravery a superhero has, they could never bring about justice to the enemies of good. Also, the villains would continue to build their army of followers without any resistance causing them to grow stronger and peace would become harder to obtain. Love and care is required for the world to become peaceful. If superheros did not care enough for the world, they would never do anything and without humanity’s helpers, peace may not ever be attainable. That is how important superheroes are and what amazing exemplify of good they are.

Lastly, superheroes use their knowledge that they continue to expand in order to bring about better ways to create peace. The reason why superheroes care for peace so much is because they desire a world with no pain, hatred or sorrow so that no more people have to suffer the way villains do. So, no matter how long peace is obtained, superheroes will stop at nothing to prevent the next big evil act because they know it brings the birth of more bad instead of their desired, good.