The Housemaid Summary Essay

The setting takes place in a rural area in north spain in 1944 after the civil war or the fantasy settings takes place in an underground kingdom in a fig tree. The plot is that a young girl named Ofelia and her ailing mother have to go to her moms new husband’s house who happens to be a sadistic army officer who is trying to quella guerrilla uprising. Ofelias mother is kind, mild, beautiful and gentle.

Ofelia’s father a tailor died and her mother is left alone to take care of her in an uncertain city so she marries the unaffectionate nearly inhuman caption vidal. Ofelias mother becomes very ill carrying his child. Mercedes the housemaid is secretly a rebel spy she is full of strength, compassion and unshakeable resolve. Ofelia herself is an imaginative girl who loves books and her mother and she is a courageous and loyal tomboy who is willing to sacrifice her life as well as her mythic destiny for love of her infant half-brother.

Caption vidal believes strongly in falangism and was assigned to hunt down republican rebels. A large stick insect which is a fairy leads ofelia into an ancient labyrinth but she is stopped by mercedes vidal’s housekeeper who is spying for the rebels. when the insect reappears in ofelias bedroom where it becomes a fairy and leads her through the labyrinth where she meets the faun who believes her to be princess moanna gives her three dangerous tasks to complete before the full moon.

Meanwhile vidal her stepfather murders two individuals detained on suspicion of cooperation with the rebels. Ofelia’s tasks are obtaining a key from the belly of a giant toad Her second task is to obtain an ornate dagger from the lair of the pale man and the third is to take her baby brother into the labyrinth but when she was at labyrinth she was at the vault to open labyrinth when the faun told her she had to use the blood of an innocent meaning her baby brother in order to open the vault door she efused to hurt her brother when she was standing at the vault door ofelia’s stepfather gets their and sees her talking to what he thinks is nothing and takes the baby boy and shoots her in the stomach and she died when her step dad tried to leave with her brother he left the vault but their was an army of rebels outside and her step father’s housekeeper shot him took the baby boy handed it to someone and then went to ofelia’s body that was on the ground and ofelia’s blood dripped into the fountain and she then finally sent to the underworld with her mother and father.

Ofelia then was then put in the underworld with the king and and queen which is her mom and her dad which makes ofelia the princess she once was before she got out to the world above but was blinded by the light which caused her to forget who she really was and where she was from so she stayed above ground until she was acquainted with the stick bug which happened to be a fairy who took her to the land under ground where she got the three guests to fulfil in order to become a princess again so she could life under ground with her family again as if nothing ever happened.

The imagery is the weird creatures in the movie like the white man and the faun,the blood on ofelia when she died on her hands coming out of her nose all over her shirt. The imagery is sound the sound track was sad and depressing when she was dying and it was cheerful and happy when she was in the underworld and the colors changed it was dark when she was above ground but it was bright when she went below ground.

The conflict is person vs person and person vs task which is ofelia vs captain vidal and captain vidal vs mercedes and ofelia vs the three tasks she is assigned in order to become a princess again. The primary themes are Imagination because imagination is a fundamental part of human nature that has become lost and it is necessary for surviving the real world and for discovering the fantasy realm and the challenges of everyday life require imagination as a way to escape reality.

What makes this horror is that it’s gory it has bloody scenes and it contains disturbing creatures it’s dark and spooky and the evil stepfather the child eating monster the dark color schemes that bring out the feelings of gloom. The similarities between the girl who loved tom gordon and pans labyrinth Are that they’re both female characters that get lost and that lost their fathers they both live in a dangerous situations and ofelia actually dies from the dangerous situation she is in but trisha made out of her dangerous situation and was waiting for her mom and brother to find her.

Trisha from the girl who loved tom gordon is nine years old and ofelia from pan’s labyrinth is eleven years old. They both had evil in them because in the girl who loved tom gordon a guy falsely told the cops that trisha was kidnapped when she was just lost in the woods and in pans labyrinth ofelia’s step dad captain vidal not only didn’t care about ofelia or her mother but he also killed people because they were rebels.

Captain vidal is cruel,tyrannical and bloodthirsty so he kills rebels and innocent people. I chose this book because it had a weird name and i don’t ever watch horror movies because i’m not a fan of horror movies so their for this movie had a strange name even though it was in spanish it had english subtitles at the bottom so i could watch it still knowing what they said.