William Blake

To some people William Blake is just an ordinary man. To others, Blake is an English poet, painter, and engraver. Blake was born on November 28, 1757, … Read more

Johann Sebastian Bach

Regarded as perhaps the greatest composer of all time, Bach was known during his lifetime primarily as an outstanding organ player and technician. The youngest of eight … Read more

Carl Gauss

Carl Gauss was a man who is known for making a great deal breakthroughs in the wide variety of his work in both mathematics and physics. He … Read more

Elizabeth Siddal

Elizabeth Siddal, Pre-Raphaelite model and wife to Gabriel Rossetti, is the source of intrigue for many Victorian researchers. Her mystery began from her vague background as a … Read more

James Monroe Life

James Monroe was born in Westmoreland county Virginia, on April 28th, 1758. His father was Spence Monroe. He came from a Scottish family, but settled in Virginia … Read more

Sam Menedes

Director. Born August 1, 1965, in Redding, England. Raised by his mother, an author of childrens books, after his parents divorce, Mendes grew up in north London. … Read more

Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon was an English monk as well as a member of the Franciscans order. he was educated in Oxford Paris, and taught Philosophy for seven years … Read more

Elwyn Brooks White

Elwyn Brooks White was known as an American writer. He geared his writings mostly to the younger age group. Elwyn Brooks White was born in Mount Vernon, … Read more

Francis Poulenc

Francis Poulenc was born in Paris, France on January 7, 1899 into a welltodo family. His father, Emile Poulenc, was one of the directors of the pharmaceutical … Read more