When I Cry: A Short Story Essay

By the time I finished reading the last page, I was full on crying. I threw the notebook on the ground and started crying. Jexavier and Daniel were right beside me and I didn’t care. They have never seen me cry before, I have seen them cry but they havent seen me. I rarely even cry. Not even in funerals for I didn’t seem to have the motive too. I would still be hurting, but I wouldn’t cry. Its just not the way that I express my grief. Whenever I do cry, its because of something huge. In my life, I have only cried once, and it was whenever I father died. I usually keep my grief inside me, trying to hide it until it gos away. But this is too much to hide.
“Im so sorry” I said to myself. “I… I didn’t know…”
It had started to snow,…

Memorize the ice caps and where they are. “Ok, there are 5 in total” I said to myself. If I get too close, or my wheels touch them, I will be sure to lose traction, and that means I will crash. Longboard crashes or not good. Many die if they crash, only a few survive, and those who do, either get paralyzed for the rest of their life and the rest of those will have so many broken bones in their body that it is nearly impossible to repair with any type of surgery. They end up regretting it. But I wouldn’t. I rather die with the peace of mind, than to live without it. If Nicole would leave, that notebook would be the only thing I would have left, and I would never let that go.
I start heading downhill. The wind is so strong it is taking me to the left, hiding my right side and causing me to lose my balance. For that I have to zig zag. I let the wind take me to the left and then I cut to the right. I have dodged already 3 out of the 5 ice caps. Now there would be one to my right and another to my left just up ahead.
“Slowly Gabriel, don’t lose traction.” I voice inside my head tells me. “You barely dodged that one. Don’t do that on the next one”. I see the next one, I look at it intensely and get in my stance. I see it, and Im able to dodge it.
“Yes!” I say to myself. I stand up from my stance and feel the wind dragging me. “I made it down.” or so I…