Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Essay

Just listen. An individual who takes the guidance of others to heart possesses a priceless quality. The authority figures in “The Banking Concept of Education,” by Paulo Freire describes the pivotal role that educators hold in the educational system. The authority figures in “The Achievement of Desire,” by Richard Rodriguez show the impact of educators on an individual student. In another text called “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” by Amy Chua illustrates the specific conditioning that authority figures implement onto students so that they can succeed in their education.

What it means to attain educational success is to fulfill the expectations of authority figures in a student’s education. The person receiving the education remains under the control of the authorities in their education in order to succeed educationally. The authority needs to obtain a firm grip over its students so that the student can succeed. The authority figure of a parent should have the power to make decisions for their children and can tell them to conform to their expectations just how “Chinese parents can order their kids to get straight As. (Chua 53) The parents believe that this should e their right to have this control on their children because “they know what is best for their children. ” (Chua 54) Educational authorities desire to maintain control over their subjects within the classroom. An educational authority like a teacher “presents himself to his students as their necessary opposite;” (Freire 72) The teacher holds the perspective that their controlling role in the education that students receive is justified because the student’s knowledge is minimal compared to his.

The teacher maintains the control over the education that their students receive by promoting “obedience to the dictates of the world of chool. ” (Rodriguez 218) The students who adapt best to this control in the classroom are the ones who are good students. The control that the teacher implements over the student establishes control in the education. Without this control that teachers have in education, the learning by students would be disrupted. This control establishes a system where the students are set on the right path on what is imperative to their educational success.

Without this control, someone receiving an education may lose the necessary structure to education that guides one to educational success. Putting control in the hands of the authority makes sure that the result will mean attaining educational success. Individuals receiving the education need to possess the ambition that the authorities influence them to have to attain educational success. Individuals need to have the drive to succeed in education that the authorities believe is necessary for the individuals to attain educational success.

Authority figures don’t want students to have qualities like being lazy that would inhibit their educational abilities. Instead, they want their students to possess the positive qualities that they ould approve of and would advocate. Many parents believe that “To get good at anything you have to work” and even though that the child’s mentality is not focused in this manner it needs to become this way by the influencing of the parents. An ambitious quality that parent figures want is for their children to “practice, practice, practice” (Chua 52) no matter how they feel.

The parents molds these virtuous qualities into their child so that he or she can become “good” at school. This ambition is expected to be demonstrated within the classroom as well. Authorities like teachers want their students to have the mbition to complete all of the actions that they desire. A teacher wants a student to have ambition where “Any book they told me to read, I read” (Rodriguez 219) By carrying out the instructions of the educator, the student effectively shows the ambition expected from them by the authorities.

In this situation not only are the educators satisfied but the parents are also satisfied because their children are showing the ambition they are expected to show in the classroom. This eventual ambition that is encouraged by authority figures will lead to students to “excel at something” (Chua 52). This ambition ensures that students don’t wander off to the detrimental influences of life. This ambition that is instilled into the students makes sure that the endeavors that students have in their education and beyond that education are taken on in a sufficient manner.

Just how this ambition that students need to fulfill to attain educational success, this very ambition can be crucial in the rest of the student’s life as well. The performance of someone receiving an education needs to be satisfactory to the expectations of the authorities that regulate their life. Both arental and educational authorities students to achieve high performance within the educational system. The educational success of someone can be measured numerically in the classroom and these measurements need to be up to par with the expectations of the authorities.

Their performance can be measured through test grades, SAT scores, projects, and other indicators. High performance scores can only be achieved by doing what is expected inside and outside the classroom. High performance in the classroom can be obtained by how well the students “fit the world” (Freire 76) of the educating authorities ince the educators regulate how the students exist within the classroom, Parental authorities are only satisfied through a high performance expecting from their children “perfect grades because they believe that their child can get them. (Chua 54)

The success in education that a student has in the classroom needs to be supported by the grades they are pressured to achieve by the authorities. By performing actions like reading for “extra credit” (Rodriguez 221) are actions that will lead to the expected high performance. If a task like this that was expected from the authorities was not completed, a student wouldn’t ucceed in the classroom and wouldn’t achieve the high grade within the classroom. The student should perform at an elevated level even though they may not like in order to fulfill their authorities.

The authorities make sure to institute this pressure so that their performance in the classroom can be exceptional. The fulfillment of the authority figures’ wish to perform highly will attain educational success by the individual receiving the education obtaining rewards like awards and scholarships. The relationship between the individual receiving the education and the authority figures of that individual needs o be one where the authority figures overrule and dominate the individual receiving the education. The student needs to be acquiescent to the authorities.

In an relationship between the educator and student where the student can succeed, the student needs to understand that the “teacher teaches and the students are taught” and “teacher knows everything” (Freire 73) This structure of the relationship allows for the authorities to effectively provide wise guidance to their subjects. The children must be completely obedient to the demands of their authorities. If students are respectful to what their teachers ant them to do, then one day they will become “learned like their [my] teachers. ” (Rodriguez 222) The teachers need to placed on a pedestal of power by their students.

They must commit to understanding that their authority figure parents are willing to sacrifice and do so much for them to succeed so they have the power to “override all of their children’s desires and preferences. ” (Chua 54) Parents believe that they have knowledge that their children do not possess yet which is why they should hold the superior role in this relationship. The individual receiving the education needs to comprehend that ince authority figures have this knowledge that they don’t, it is his or her responsibility to trust them.

The expectations of authorities being fulfilled will attain educational success for students. The various expectations that authority figures guide students to meet, connect together to propel an individual to educational success. This makes the guidance of authority figures priceless to one’s education. Without the expectations of the authority figures being present in someone’s life he or she won’t attain educational success since these expectations of authority figures guide a student on the path to educational success.